1) Why is the color different from those shown online?

Wood naturally will have a different shape of color from batches to batches and from tree to tree.

2) Why can’t I make an order on size more than 240cm x 120 cm?

This is because this is the maximum size the plywood comes in. Therefore if you need a size larger than 240cm you might consider joining a few pieces together.

3) What is the delivery schedule after I have made an order?

Currently, we will deliver the order in 1-4 working days.  Depending on the order size, larger order will take 2-4 days, while smaller order will be delivered the next 1-2 working days. Depending on the timing order is made.
We will whatapps/sms/email you the date and timeslot of your delivery.

Example 1: (Smaller order)

Monday – Order made at 10.00pm,
Tuesday – Will process the order and contact customer to arrange delivery date and timeslot (2hr time slot)
Wednesday – Earliest delivery can be made

4) Can I make an order on other shapes(like a circle) on your website?

Yes you can. Please email us @(easywoodsg@gmail.com or whatapps 9721 8003) with your drawing. We will try our best to cut to the size you need.