We provide cut to order plywood and timber in Singapore

We are a group of ordinary people who like to woodwork DIY during our spare time and as a family activity.

Space is a luxury in HDB, apartment or small office in Singapore. We have to use our resourcefulness to fully utilize our space effectively.

However, with space constraint, we do have the limitation on our DIY capability. Unlike in countries where home comes with garages, we do not have the space to store our tools or set up a workbench to create our DIY projects. Getting DIY material is also limited.

Secondly, We have encountered many companies are not willing to work on small projects. Even if they willing, the cost will be quite high.

Turning to their suppliers also does not help at all. It is because we are unable to purchase the minimum order quantity they often required.

Thirdly, having customized materials cut by industrial-grade tools are often out of reach for most of us. These large and expensive machines such as CNC and table saw are not practical.

Many of our friends and family started to ask us to customize the wood to their required size.

We have decided to create Easywood to supply everyone with materials customized to the requirements so that everyone can enjoy the fun of doing DIY furniture or racks in their own homes on the design they have in mind.

We provide cut to order plywood and timber.